pixiv 5.0.203 App for PC

pixiv 5.0.203 App for PC

Description of pixiv 5.0.203 App for PC for PC Windows Download

pixiv 5.0.203 Software For PC Download

New updates to our pixiv app!

【Improvements in our update】
・Rating and bookmarking are now combined as “Like!”.
・Bookmarks are now titled as “collection”.
・There is a Home page, where rankings and recommendations are shown. “Recommended” shows popular pixiv works and tailored works based on your likes.

【Features that were deleted】
・Search ordered by oldest to newest
・Set as wallpaper
・Feed (replaced by “Recommended”)

【New features】
・Recommended works
・Related works
・Recommended users
・Search suggestions
・Filtered search

Version 5.0.203
* Added a feature for reporting users and works.
* Bug fixes and improvements.
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