GizmoHub PROD App for PC

GizmoHub PROD App for PC

Description of GizmoHub PROD App for PC for PC Windows Download

GizmoHub PROD Software For PC Download

The GizmoHub app lets you call, find and control your Gizmo wearable devices. You’ll need to download and install the app on your phone to set up your Gizmos. Once they’re set up, you can use the app to:

-Speak with Your Child
Call your child’s Gizmo any time, and your child can use it to call you.

-Find Your Child
Check the location of your child’s Gizmo with just one tap. You can also schedule a time for the Gizmo to automatically check your child’s location or set GPS boundaries and get notified if your child crosses them.

-Add Contacts
Invite Buddies, Caregivers and other Guardians who can call the Gizmo and receive calls. The number of contacts varies depending on the type of Gizmo you have. Guardians and Caregivers can also use the GizmoHub app to find your child’s Gizmo.

-Send Messages to Your GizmoGadget
Send short text messages to your child’s GizmoGadget. And your child can send emojis, voice recordings and pre-set text messages to you.

-Manage Your Child’s Gizmo
You can use the GizmoHub app to change settings on the Gizmo like the volume, ringtones and fun sounds. You can also check your Gizmo’s battery level and turn it off.

– Keep Your Child’s Information Safe
You can protect this app by adding a PIN. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, your child’s information will remain protected.

Download this app and follow the onscreen instructions to get started!

We are always making little tweaks so that it's quicker and easier to use.

Have any feedback, questions or concerns? Let us know at [email protected]

Bug Fixes & Optimizations
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