FairEmail – open source, privacy oriented email 1.1226 App for PC

FairEmail – open source, privacy oriented email 1.1226 App for PC

Description of FairEmail – open source, privacy oriented email 1.1226 App for PC for PC Windows Download

FairEmail – open source, privacy oriented email 1.1226 Software For PC Download

FairEmail is easy to setup and works with virtually all email providers, including Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo!

FairEmail might be for you if you value your privacy.

FairEmail does not support non-standard protocols, like Microsoft Exchange Web Services and Microsoft ActiveSync.

Main features

* Fully featured
* 100 % open source
* Privacy oriented
* Unlimited accounts
* Unlimited email addresses
* Unified inbox
* Conversation threading
* Two way synchronization
* Offline storage and operations
* Battery friendly
* Low data usage
* Small (~ 15 MB)
* Material design (including dark/black theme)
* Maintained and supported

This app is deliberately minimalistic by design, so you can concentrate on reading and writing messages.

This app starts a foreground service with a low priority status bar notification to make sure you'll never miss new emails.

Privacy features

* Encryption/decryption supported (OpenPGP, S/MIME)
* Reformat messages to prevent phishing
* Confirm showing images to prevent tracking
* Confirm opening links to prevent tracking and phishing
* Automatically recognize and disable tracking images
* Warning if messages could not be authenticated


* Quick setup
* Easy navigation
* No bells and whistles
* No distracting “eye candy”


* No data storage on third party servers
* Using open standards (IMAP, SMTP, OpenPGP, S/MIME, etc)
* Safe message view (styling, scripting and unsafe HTML removed)
* Confirm opening links, images and attachments
* No special permissions required
* No advertisements
* No analytics and no tracking
* No Google backup
* FairEmail is an original work, not a fork or a clone


* Fast and lightweight
* IMAP IDLE (push messages) supported
* Built with latest development tools and libraries

Pro features

All pro features are convenience or advanced features.

* Account/identity/folder colors
* Colored stars
* Notification settings (sounds) per account/folder/sender (requires Android 8 Oreo)
* Configurable notification actions
* Snooze messages
* Send messages after selected time
* Synchronization scheduling
* Reply templates
* Accept/decline calendar invitations
* Add message to calendar
* Filter rules
* Search indexing, search on server
* Keyword management
* S/MIME sign/encrypt
* Biometric/PIN authentication
* Unified inbox widget
* Export settings


If you have a question or problem, please check here first:

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact me at [email protected] and I will try to help you.

Questions? Remarks? Problems? Please contact me at [email protected].

* Always show undo when moving, except when move was confirmed
* Auto close when no messages in base folder anymore
* Added Gmail label management
* Added collapsing/configuration of message action buttons
* Performance improvements
* Small improvements and minor bug fixes
* Updated libraries and translations
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